Looney Bean of Bishop
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"Mind a buzz with the flow of coffee and stomach appeased with greens and goodness, you're ready to take on the day and the mountains that lay ahead. However, before heading out to take on the trails, a farewell is spoken. It could have been easy to slip out the door, but the smiling faces that welcomed you in send you off with a warm wish and some local advice. Making it feel as if it is just a normal Saturday morning spend amongst friends."

- Liz F, Yelp




“Friends and families gather here in the morning or afternoons to enjoy good coffee, nice pastries, and lovely conversation.  On any given day you'll find a wide variety of conversations going on over coffees or teas and most of the folks are happy to chat too.  It's a warm and delightful place to share with anyone you like spending time with; so go on in and have a good time”

- Meredith E, Yelp